Your data center is our job

Data center

Construction and operation


We will buy and/or install your equipment


24/7 support and warranty service

This solution is for:

Foreign companies

Foreign companies that are planning to launch their data center on the market. The goal is to expand the business, diversify assets and minimize capital costs.

Local companies

Local enterprises and holdings. The goal is an additional platform for mining, expansion of the company's services and activities.

Private investors

The goal is to minimize risks and fixed costs. Get a ready-made source of  passive income.

How do we create an individual project for a client?

You provide the task

We jointly agree on the basic requirements for the security of the rented space, network infrastructure, and electricity supply.

We calculate the cost

After reaching an agreement on the requirements and goals, we determine the final cost of our services.

We conclude a contract

We legally record the rights and obligations.

We build and maintain

We create and maintain the rented space with regard to the client’s requirements.

Solution components


Buy miners from Minto or bring your own. All options are available.


We will find customers for your data center who will place their equipment with you. Earn money by renting your racks for miners.

Hashrate rental

Rent out the hashrate of your mining hardware and get additional income.

Advantages of a turnkey data center

Quick launch

We will build and connect a data center of any size


We will certify the data center according to ISO 27001 and obtain the required licenses

24/7 service

The engineers on duty will carry out regular rounds and system checks

Professional team

Get reliable passive income using the services of the Minto team

Your turnkey data center

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