The largest network of reliable data centers for mining

Host your miners, rent hashrate in the Minto data centers or use the cloud infrastructure for mining.
We will do the rest for you, including uninterrupted power and high-speed Internet, professional cooling, round-the-clock security and modern monitoring systems.

Minto in the media

Minto data centers through our eyes

power capacity

220 MW

power used

120 MW

miner spots

41 000


86 000 m²

Videos from data centers

Minto offers all your mining needs in one place: mining token, hosting, turnkey data center. Minto has high-quality secure systems and experienced professionals. Minto guarantees of your non-stop mining.
Minto is one of the largest networks of reliable data centers for mining. Host your miners, rent hashrate, use the cloud infrastructure for mining or deploy your own data center using ready-made infrastructure.
Minto engineers designed and built all the data centers ourselves. Minto has some of the best conditions in terms of the cost of electricity for mining.

Minto: high-quality secure systems and experienced professionals

Power supply and cooling are monitored by engineers. If something fails, engineers will quickly conduct replacement and repair works.
Network engineers are responsible for the quality of the Internet connection, load and bandwidth.
The first-line support team comes to the rescue whenever you have questions about or difficulties with our products. 91% of requests are resolved in the first 12 hours.

Nice bonuses that will help you relax and smile

We will install your miners in racks and connect them. We will provide all services remotely, even if you live in another country.
Your specialists will always be able to park on-site if they decide to visit the facility.
Convenient service area for technical specialists. We will provide any tools, and our coffee zone will allow for a comfortable rest.
We will provide a free round-trip taxi transfer to the data center for you if you decide to host your equipment with us.

We do our work with love and full commitment

We designed and built all the data centers ourselves

Our first data center was opened in 2018, and 3 more new centers have opened since then. We were able to do it quickly, reliably and safely.

A single ecosystem for all products

We have been creating and developing products for 5 years. You can bring your own miners, rent hashrate or use our cloud mining infrastructure.

We offer the best conditions to our customers

We have some of the best conditions in terms of the cost of electricity for mining. All our data centers and other property are insured.

Do you want to see Minto data centers with your own eyes?

Just fill out a tour request, we will process it and contact you within 1 working day. If you are ready to host your miners with us, we will provide you with detailed instructions.
You can always get a free consultation over the email

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