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Mining token

Mine Bitcoin by owning BTCMT hashrate tokens. 100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s


Host your hardware in our data center and forget about maintenance
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Turnkey data center

Launch your own data center for cost-effective Bitcoin mining
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Blockchain dev

Open up new prospects via your own unique decentralized solution
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Minto in numbers

years on the market
12 000+
data centers
120 MW
power used

Our data centers

Guarantee of your non-stop mining

42 000

miner spots

220 MW

power capacity

86 000 M²


Why choose us?

Powerful team

We have extensive experience in building data centers, ensuring their maintenance, security, seamless operation and high profitability.

Safe infrastructure

Internet and local network are separated. Each client gets their own isolated L3VPN. 2 GB/s uplink from two separate providers.

Verified hashrate

The hashrate of our data centers is confirmed by large mining pools, which guarantees the reliability of the services provided.

Full legal compliance

All data centers are compliant with ISO 27001. Minto is licensed to provide telecom services.

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