Hosting of mining hardware

Host your miners in modern Minto data centers. We have created the perfect conditions for your mining hardware: a high-speed Internet connection, an uninterrupted power supply, microclimate, round-the-clock monitoring.

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Miner hosting prices and conditions

Full-time mining

100% uptime
$ 0.059
per 1 kW/h
$ 0.049
per 1 kW/h
+ 15% profit share
Video surveillance
Remote access

Nightly mining

65% uptime
$ 0.039
per 1 kW/h
$ 0.029
per 1 kW/h
+ 15% profit share
Video surveillance
Remote access
Minimum hosting order
500 kW

What is included?

  • Installation, configuration and launch of your miners
  • Two high-speed Internet channels up to 2 Gbit/s
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of mining hardware by engineers
  • Minor repairs, if necessary
  • Additional settings configuration or software installation on request

Host any miner models at Minto data centers

Antminer S19, S19J, S19PRO, T19 and others
AvalonMiner 1066, 1126, 1246 and others
WhatsMiner M30S, M31S, M32 and others

Solve your tasks with Minto

Save time and money by hosting your mining rigs at Minto data centers

Full control

We will install and set up your miner. Temperature and uptime are monitored in accordance with the SLA requirements.

Reliable and safe

CCTV cameras monitor the entire area around and inside the building. Only authorized data center engineers have access to the equipment.

Non-standard miner sizes

We will host any miners, including towers and mining rigs.

Advantages of data center hosting

Unified control

Manage your miners, monitor your balance and status, address any questions to our support service - all in one.

Assistance with delivery

We will arrange the delivery of your equipment to the data center. We will provide a free round-trip taxi transfer to the data center for you.

Guaranteed top-notch service

We will agree on an SLA and contract terms and formalize all agreements and obligations legal documents.

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